Everybody loves Big Dick!

BigDick‘Everybody loves Big Dick’ might be somewhat of an exaggeration. You see, faithful American Patriots tend to love Big Dick, but those on the Left, oftentimes referred to as “The Loony Left” typically are envious of Big Dick and so they feel contempt toward Big Dick because Big Dick doesn’t always see eye to eye with Lefty Liberals. Quite the contrary.

As Big Dick stands firmly for smaller govt, more domestic security and to provide for the common defense, the Loony Left stands for just the opposite – huge government, the disarming of American citizens and an extrapolated, heavily armed police state and an expanded prison system to hold all the new incarcerates (people who break all the new laws).

While Big Dick lovers and fans believe in hard work and in people standing on their own two feet, providing for and defending their own families, their Progressive Liberal counterparts want just the opposite for themselves and their families: They want free monetary benefits in the form of rent credits and food stamps, from cradle to grave,  and medical care provided free to them by those who choose to work. That is, Progressive Liberal Lefties are “Grasshoppers” and those who stand with Big Dick are “Ants”.

Which are you? A Grasshopper or an Ant? Do you love Big Dick, or do you choose to reject the principles of Right & Wrong, Good & Bad and instead, justify your behavior and the behavior of others with “The ends justify the means”?

Big Dick will be presenting scenarios and circumstances from today’s national and worldwide events and will give you the opportunity to express your feelings and positions on such critical issues as gun rights, border control and corruption among our leadership; international . You will have the opportunity to make your voice heard here, and Big Dick will see to it that the weak-willed and dishonest persons now occupying seats in state and federal government will be informed about what We the People actually think, feel and believe in matters which affect our country.

Welcome to Big Dick.biz… now lets get down to biz, shall we? Let’s check out Big Dick’s latest poll…